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2021 has arrived, the end of last year we had the 50th Otematata workshop, if I say so myself a great achievement. It was also Ted Grenfell 10th Workshop and the Dec creative was the last for a while as I go out into this crazy world on our bikes and see what is out there.

"A ton of fun was experienced as usual at Scott Fowler photography workshop last month with the gang in Ashvegas 🤙. If your thinking of getting into photography or expanding your skills and knowledge hes your guy. He has a ton of letters following his name and provides an upbeat learning experience with an inspirational attitude. I have been privileged to work with him and see his teaching skills in practice. He is kind and inclusive, patient and practical, hallerious and passionate; creative and highly knowledgeable." Mahara Steedman

An exciting year ahead with plenty of Workshop options.

A recent comment from one of the workshops:

"I really appreciate how much work you would have put in to making sure that the trip was not only successful but that everyone was willing to share their knowledge and help each other out. That doesn’t happen without hard work in the background making sure everyone is comfortable and happy and enjoying themselves.


It goes without saying that the tips and advice you gave in terms of photography not only helped on the trip but will be invaluable in helping me to grow my skill set."

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"a thoughtful and inspirational man with a wealth of knowledge on many subjects that he shares willingly. Scott has a great sense of humor and is fun to he around." Julia Home, EFIAP,APSNZ, BPSA


I was challenged to try different techniques and there was an abundance of breath taking landscapes, big skies and sunsets as well as shearing sheds, derelict buildings, portraiture by candlelight and ghosting to name a few.
This truly was a unique Workshop.
Thank-you Scott”- Priscilla Chapman

Helen Bachari -

A couple of months ago I made a comment on Scott's Facebook page saying that I believed advertisements for his Otematata workshops should carry a disclaimer something along the lines of " these workshops are highly addictive. Participants may discover that  just one is not enough".


Having just participated in my 7th workshop in less than two and a half years, I started to think about why I keep going back. The reasons are many and varied:  Scott is a talented, patient and creative tutor.  No two workshops are the same and there is always something new and challenging to try.  The workshop participants are like minded individuals and lasting friendships are formed over the course of the weekend. 


Being totally immersed in creating unique images without any of the distractions of the outside world is another of the positive features of the workshops. And Otematata Station is the perfect location at which to develop creativity.  


Each participant at the workshops provides Scott with ten images that represent their best work from the weekend.  The images are printed in a book and each participant receives a copy of the book.  As I look back through my books, I marvel at how much my technical skills have improved in such a short period of time.  I relive the fun and congeniality of the workshops and almost shake my head in disbelief when I look at the amazing images I have created. 


I'll be back .....

Scott Fowler, the Tutor. I highly recommend Scott as a Tutor - he has the KISS theory totally nailed!

Sherryl Neale

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Let me give you the courage, join one of my workshops and see how I can help!

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